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CONSTRUCTIVE MANIPULATIONS FOR STRATEGIC RESILIENCE retraces my years-long research on the complex topic of resilience at personal and professional levels.

Designed for the layperson as well as the specialist, this book is a toolkit to guide organisations to build and sustain resilience in the era of polycrisis.

Featuring contributions by more than twenty visionaries from
the worlds of architecture, design, textile, art, museums, opera, healthcare, dairy products, media, printing, humanitarian aid, publishing, digital platforms, manufacturing, transport, legal services, energy, fashion, retail, insurance, childhood products, urban regeneration, and venture capital, the book posits that when eradication of ignorance becomes a collective effort inside and outside the organisation, resilience will become the strongest element of its culture.

I am very much hoping to encourage you to think about
"what matters" for resilience and to provide you with actionable ideas for the common good.


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