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Natural and man-made disasters amplifying each other’s devastation have defined the last couple of years as the new era of polycrisis.


Although this unprecedented chaos and deep uncertainty moved resilience up the executive agenda, the common approach is still a reflection in action with quick fixes.


The reasons behind the failure in resilience are more than technical mistakes or one-off decisions. They manifest themselves in beliefs, values, behaviours, and practices that are deeply entrenched in every cell of the organisation and hinder its potential to become a resilient entity. 


This makes resilience a design problem that needs collaborative solutions with long-term fundamentals.


Resilience is a subversive act and requires considerable persuasion and perseverance, first of the leaders themselves, then of the organisation, and finally, of the wider stakeholder universe.


Therefore, there is an urgent need for Constructive Manipulations™ to build resilience with good intentions.

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